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Welcome to the virtual world  of Animated Gifs and Java Applets. Many of the gifs and applets that you will find in this website have been chosen for their educational  value.
This web page is dedicated to the advancement of Animated Gifs and Java Applets in science education.
I hope you will find your visit to this site most rewarding especially if you are a teacher or even a student.

These WebPages that you are about to view contains Animated Gifs and Java Applets and consequently will take more time to download. Please be patient. If you have disabled the javascripts/java of your browser you must turned them on to maximise the potential of these pages.

   What are Animated Gifs and Java Applets

  Gifs, PowerPoint, HyperStudio, Authorware and Education

   Examples of Animated Gifs in Science Education

   Examples of Java Applets in Science Education

    Sample  Authorware lesson on the Magnetic Effect of Current

   Links to Java Applets, Gifs and other Educational sites

   About the Author

   Teachers : Rationale for using IT in Schools



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